New poll: Should Congress immediately ban its own insider trading

Please, please, please, forward this poll to your friends. I would love to have 5,000 people take this poll and send the results to their incompetent (oh, I meant incumbent) members of Congress.

I propose legislation that basically states:

Members of Congress, their immediate family and their staff members are banned from buying or selling shares of stock in any company or industry that:

  • Has contributed money or in-kind donations, directly or indirectly, to the political campaigns of the members in the exisiting term of office
  • Has had any communications¬† with the members in the preceding 100 days, directly or indirectly, except for communications in formal congressional hearings or public testimony

Members of Congress found to be in violation of this law should be impeached from duty, fined $1 million and serve one year in jail.

Congress should be given a deadline of Christmas (2011) to ban all form of insider trading by members of Congress, their immediate family and their staff members

  • Yes (98%, 439 Votes)
  • No (2%, 8 Votes)

Total Voters: 447

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I ask you, the reader, this question — why would you ever vote for someone who could not push for the immediate passage of such legislation?


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