More on the CFTC COT data


The subject of the CFTC COT data is the subject of considerable conversation and interest given the composition of open interest in the EuroFX.

See my post on this subject yesterday.

I seldom recommend subscription services. There are about six or so services I pay for because of the value I find in them (Bank Credit Analyst, Grant’s Interest Rate Observer, Ned Davis Research, Fusion IQ).

The absolute best work in the world on CFTC COT data is done out of Malta by Steve Briese at the Bullish Review. Steve (who lists a Florida address even though he lives a life of luxury in the Mediteranian Sea) has been working with COT data for as long as it has been collected and published by the CFTC. He understands nuances that I will never understand. But just like the other services I pay for, I don’t expect Steve to pull rabbits out of a hat. I just expect to get from him one really good idea each year that, tied in with my own technical analysis, can make me a nice profit.

I would only recommend a service I pay for myself — and I gladly pay to receive Steve’s take on COT data weekly. Steve puts out a lot of stuff, but I only pay attention to his weekly First Look and Bullish Review (both emailed to me).

I asked Steve if he would provide a discount to my readers — and he agreed to do so. I have attached the PDFs of recent COT analysis by Steve.

To receive a discount, go to

I have asked Steve to do a perspective piece on the EURUSD as a guest on this blog. Hopefully he can find time to do so in the next few days.

The First Look — emailed each Saturday


The Bullish Review — emailed each Monday

Markets: $EURUSD, $G6E_F


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