Asia — about to go parabolic?


The charts of Asian equity markets are extremely constructive across the board


I have blown the horn of Asian stock markets repeatedly in this blog during the past several years. See my most recent post, “Asia — the Tigers are Ready to Roar.

I have been unapologetic in telling members of the Factor subscription service that they should be long Asia. Some Asian indexes have already experienced major upside breakouts. Other indexes and ETFs are on the verge of upside breakouts of historic magnitude.

A pictorial review of Asian index futures and ETFs is in order, without comment.

7.24_EWA 7.24_EWH 7.24_EWM 7.24_EWS 7.24_EWT 7.24_EWY 7.24_FXI 7.24_HSIX_Q7.24_K200_M
7.24_NIFTY50 7.24_SSG_M 7.24_STW_M 7.24_TOPX_Q

In the weeks and months ahead I will be alerting members of the Factor community to individual stocks in these markets that offer particularly compelling chart stories.